At the end of the day, placing a Malinois in a good home makes it all worth it.

SHadow, now Diesel

Diesel’s [Shadow’s] new owner writes:

“My name is Matt I am 33 years old and have been around working and pet Malinois for years. I first discovered SoCal Belgian Malinois rescue on Instagram when I was just looking for pages about the breed. I had recently lost my first Mal in August of 2018  due to a condition that couldn’t be cured. I knew I wanted to get another Mal as I love the breed so much. The first dog that caught my attention was Shadow. His color and look was just beautiful. I went to their website and read his bio and I knew he was perfect. 

Shortly after I applied I was called by another member of the rescue and was asked a series of questions about my experience with Mals and learned even more about Shadow which made my wife and I love him even more. Soon after that I was able to speak with Tara and set up a time for us to go down and meet him and have him meet our ten year old German Shepherd.

Due to other family members having a dog named Shadow, we decided to change his name to Diesel since we bring our dogs to family events and wanted to avoid confusion.

Diesel is still just as much energy and fun as ever and is doing amazing. I hate to leave him anywhere because I always want him around. His behavior and attitude is only accredited to how much love and care So Cal Malinois rescue gave him when they rescued him. Before they had him, he was a very different dog and they really rehabilitated him and helped make him the dog he is today and for that I am eternally grateful to them. My wife and I intend to adopt more Mals from So Cal Malinois rescue because of how much they know, care and help the breed and working with everyone that we did with the rescue just instilled a great confidence to adopt this breed of dog. 

I still keep in contact with Tara and Sherod and update them about how well Diesel is doing and also about new rescues they foster. So Cal Malinois rescue helped give my family a wonderful addition with Diesel and I am sure when we are ready to get another they will again. He is my best friend and like a son to me, I trust him with my daughter and love the energy and life he brings. I could never have imagined a better adoption experience where the rescue not only makes sure the dog goes to a good home but also helps the dog be ready to be adopted so well. I can never thank them enough for all they have done for me and my family and for the Belgian Malinois breed.”

We wish Matt and his (fur and non-fur) family all the best!

Purple, now Scout

Scout, previously known as Purple from Sirius and Bonnie’s litter is adjusting pretty good to life in Cave Creek, AZ. She now has a big sister, Vixen, who was also a rescue. “Scout is feisty and sassy, but Vixen is patient with her puppy behavior and is quick to correct her when she has gone too far.  She is crate trained, potty trained, and knows place, come, sit, off and is now learning heel. They spend most of their day chasing each other through the yard and horse paddock,” says her new family. We can’t believe how much Scout has grown, we are so happy she has found such an amazing family of her very own!

Orange, now lola

Lola, aka “Orange” from SCBMR’s alumni, Scar (Sirius) and Bonnie’s litter, has really been enjoying her new home along with her fur sister, Joy. Lola loves joining her family on the beach, getting all sandy while trying to keep up with her sister. From her human mom, “she is doing very well! She is attached to my husband (basically once he gets home, I don’t exist anymore, lol) and follows him around. Our other dog Joy and her are getting along fantastically.” We’ve learned that her crate and potty training have been going good and she’s learning commands such as: sit and stay. Such a smart, adventurous, pretty girl! Lola’s SCBMR loves getting to follow her and her family on their adventures and we are so happy this little girl has found such an amazing family!


Remember the wonky-eared, long-legged, princess, Lila? Well, she is living happily ever after in her new forever home! Lila has gained a new human brother along with the sweetest parents. She loves to go on long walks on the trail near her home followed by lots of cuddles and a nap. “Lila loves to cuddle, she starts training in a week, can’t wait to see her grow to her full potential. She loves everyone! She was the highlight at the vet the other day. She greeted everyone there, she is just a gem,” says her mom. We cannot wait to hear how she does with training! Her SCBMR family is definitely missing her, we are so happy to know that her new family has taken her in and given her all the love and attention she’s ever needed. 

Green, now tygo

The short tailed, green bean, son of Bonnie and Scar/Sirius (SoCalBMR’s first litter) has been soaking up all the love with his new family! “We picked the name Tygo because it's Greek for Fate. When we saw Tygo was born with a short tail just like our current mal, Nala, we started to wonder if it was meant to be. Then when we found out his foster's nickname for him was Green Bean (our nickname for Nala is Ms. Bean), we knew we had to bring him into our family. Since day 1, Ty has been very busy following his big sister Nala around. He is already a velcro dog with everyone in our family and reminds us to stick together if we ever split up into different rooms in the house. For now we are working on basic obedience, crate training, and socialization.” Seems like Tygo has fallen in love with his new family and as fate would have it, so have they!

blue, now bleu

We have learned that Bleu has adjusted to his new home so quickly, not only has he become quite the little sweetheart, but he has also learned so much in such a little amount of time, including how to open and close the screen door to go outside. We have been told that he really seems to enjoy training and lots of play time, along with jogs, followed by naps. He’s learned how to sit/lay without treats, loves a game of fetch and has high food and ball drive. He loves spending time with his human brothers and parents. Bleu, we are so happy for you and your family, we love that we get to watch along as you grow!

Yellow, Now Nova

“So far Nova has been the perfect addition to our family! Her and her “fur” sister Kona love to play all the time! She has learned so much so quickly!” She knows commands such as:  “sit, down, back, and her name. We’ve been told that “tug” is the name of the game and it’s certainly her favorite! “Nova is fearless, sassy, and vocal. She loves to play outside.” She has drive, loves to please, and loves her some treats. From the pictures/videos posted all over her social media, it looks like Nova is living her best life alongside her sister Kona, and her mom and dad, exploring, playing, and not to mention this little girl is quite the model! We are so excited that this beautiful girl has found such a great family.

Jasper, Now Ranger

Does everyone remember the little, feisty Malinois pup, Jasper? Well Jasper, now Ranger, has finally found his new home and is settling in pretty well we might add. He’s become friends with his new roommate, and Mal pal, Rambo. We’ve also found out that this little guy has recently become curious of his other roommate, Simon, who is in fact a cat! It sounds like this guy is having some fun! We have been told that Ranger not only spends most of his day enjoying play-time with his new best friend Rambo, but also spends some time down the street at their local dog park. “Everyday we are working on walking on a leash and staying by my side. House training is taking some time, but he has only had a few slips. He is learning to signal when I need to take him out, especially early in the morning,” says his new owner. “Ranger Danger”  is well on his way to becoming one amazing working Malinois. Ranger has always been such a curious pup, ready to take on the world. Now he’s finally found his fellow comrade and we could not be more happy! We are so excited to hear how great he’s doing in his new home and cannot wait to see what his future holds!


After being rescued by a foster that raised her back to health, then spending sometime with one of our fosters, Benelli has finally found a loving home of her very own! From Benelli’s new home, “She is a beautiful dog, I say that, not just for her looks, but her personality. She fits into our family perfectly. She is the definition of a ‘people dog’. Benelli loves HER people. She is eager to please and work. Yet, has no issue lounging around with us. We took her for an evaluation with our trainer and he had nothing but great things to say about her. “Balanced” was a very popular phrase he used. Next month she will be going into his board and train for basic and then advanced obedience, along with protection work. We are very excited. We couldn’t ask for more in Benelli. My wife and I have fallen very much in love with her. And, we thank your organization for giving us the opportunity to give her a furever home.” This is what it is all about, like it states in “Our Story,” not only are we here to educate people about the breed, our goal is to “save as many Malinois and Dutch Shepherds as we can by keeping them out of shelters and bad situations, connecting them with their appropriate, forever homes.” We are so thankful that Benelli has found the home of her dreams, we cannot wait to see how she does with her training!

Onyx, Now Dexter

Seems like it was just yesterday when we took this little guy in after being left out on the street with his mother and siblings. Onyx, now Dexter, is living a lavish life out in Palm Springs alongside his humans and his new big sister, Nakita, who has been showing him the ropes and enjoying their non-stop playtime! We were told that Dexter was a little timid in his new home, but he is now gaining confidence day by day, especially since he gets to go any and everywhere with his new family. We’ve learned that just within a week’s time of being in his new home he’s learned commands such as: “crate,” “sit,” “come,” and “who’s hungry.” We can’t believe how fast Dexter is learning and we are so excited! Words from the human himself, “he is AMAZING on lead, which we figure he picked up from Nakita. For Week #2, we will slowly introduce no jumping commands. We cannot believe how quick of a learner he is, but it is enjoyable to watch him pick things up. Stay tuned for more!” We are truly happy Dexter has found such an amazing family in a home full of love and we cannot wait to hear what this boy accomplishes, because he’s one smart pup!

Dakota, now grimm

After being rescued from a shelter and in the trusted hands of one of our fosters, Dakota, now Grimm, has found his forever home and we could not be happier! From the day Grimm stepped foot into his new home he has adapted splendidly! Like a lot of rescues, Grimm was a little timid at first, but he has gotten over that pretty quick and is loving life! Grimm is continuing to learn basic obedience and some pretty cool tricks, not to mention he’s having a blast with his two new sisters, Raven and Dulea! “He runs the horse pen in seconds and blows me away with his recall. As he runs around he also comes up to me to check in which is an awesome sign that he understands I am his human,” said his new owner. We are so incredibly happy that this sweet boy has found where he belongs and so excited to hear what else this guy manages to accomplish in the near future.

Scar / Clyde, Now Sirius

This big guy came to us not knowing how to be a dog. After some time with his foster he went from being an underweight, gigantor named Clyde (nicknamed “Scar” for injuring his face when trying to escape a crate), to a happy, healthy, loving mal. Clyde, now Sirius, named after the dog constellation, is residing in Southern California, living the good life! His adopter’s ultimate goal is for him to go through the process of becoming a service dog. As of right now, confidence building and basic obedience training are the main goals for this handsome guy. Sirius is now running hills alongside his human and husky brother, sipping on Starbucks puppuccinos, riding shotgun, napping, and giving the best of cuddles! We are truly ecstatic that this “gentle giant” has found such an incredible place to call home!

Legend, now Maverick

Legend, now Maverick, found himself as an owner surrender having been kicked out of apartment living. He’s an absolutely stunning bi-color Malinois with an even more stunning personality. Maverick is charming, playful, laid back, and easy going. He is every dog owner’s dream. Maverick was lucky enough to find his forever family shortly after entering our care, and he even has a (baby) human sibling to grow up with!

Kaine, Our First Angel

Remember the one year old male who was at the shelter for a week, adopted for two days, then returned and sick? Well, look at him now! Kaine, Piper’s First Angel (his adopter thought of that and had it engraved on his tag), went to his FOREVER home the first month we opened. We don’t know who we’re more happy for... Kaine for finally being with the awesome family he deserves or his family for getting such an awesome dog.