Southern California Belgian Malinois Rescue. A group of friends with a history of rescuing Malinois and a passion for dogs came together to form an official rescue.

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Sharod @HELLAk9s


Sharod first fell in love with the Belgian Malinois on his deployment in Iraq where he came across his first military working dog (MWD) who was a Malinois. Ever since then, he's been in love with this crazy, highly driven and athletic breed. After finally getting his first Malinois, he came across 3 female Malinois who were used strictly for backyard breeding. They had worms, were malnourished, had no socialization or training, and were covered in fleas and ticks! He took them into his two bedroom apartment with his other two dogs, Wrangler (Mal x Husky) and Rhea (Malinois). He managed to find homes for two, but the third was surprisingly pregnant and gave birth to four beautiful Mal pups. Sharod actually came home one evening to Momma being in the middle of giving birth, with one of the pups already having been born! With the help of a few friends he whelped the litter. After those long, hard two months he said his goodbyes to his pups as they were placed in responsible homes. He adopted the mother - now named Resa - and she now competes in dock diving! His love for the breed is what pushed him to start a rescue! His dogs are Wrangler (TKN), Rhea (IPO), and Resa (NADD).


Kat is one of our board members that actually doesn’t own a Malinois of her own yet (keyword- YET :P). So why is she here? She actually didn’t know much about the breed until this last year. Her dogs, Bentley & Ranger, were a regular of the dog park, and that’s where she met a lot of her best dog friends which included Rhea, Wrangler, and Sharod.

Kat also works at a vet clinic, and her heart strings were pulled when she found out about a Parvo case that involved a Malinois puppy named Maverick. It turned out that Maverick was there fighting for his life just days after he found his new home from a “local breeder” who we later found out was actually a backyard breeder. After a week of ups and downs, sadly he did not make it. Kat’s workplace was devastated because they had been working closely with and rooting for Maverick. This is where the fire of passion sparked within Kat.

Months later, Sharod tells Kat that he was on a mission to rescue 3 female Malinois from a backyard breeder who was carelessly giving them away for free on Craigslist. They jumped into action, and she became involved with who turned out to be Resa and her sisters. Luckily they were able to find homes for 2 of them which left Resa to be the only one left.

Kat’s life changed when she got a call from Sharod after coming back from a group hike. To their surprise, Sharod reported that Resa was actually “Mama Resa” the whole time, and the story of the Four Mini-Maligators began. Kat became a dedicated helper and friend the next 8 hectic weeks for them and was able to celebrate the success of finding awesome homes for all of them. Afterwards, Kat realized that was it- she wanted to help be a voice to those who did not have one. She joined the team with their passion of helping, rescuing, educating, and properly rehoming many more like Maverick, Resa, her sisters, out there.

Kat lives in Southern California with her dogs, Bentley (Lab-Shepherd Mix) & Ranger (Brittany Spaniel).


Tara grew up having rescue dogs her whole life.  It was in highschool that she started volunteering and working with local rescues on the east coast.  She has always loved dogs and was always doing anything that involved being around them. But it wasn’t until her first foster dog Bandit, a husky/shepherd mix that really pushed her to want to do more to help dogs in need. Bandit like many shelter dogs comes with a sketchy back story. He came from a litter of 7 puppies who were scared and had been mistreated. She had decided to foster him with hopes of finding him a forever home but ended up becoming a foster fail instead! Bandit lived to the age of 14 before crossing rainbow bridge.  Bandit had such an impact on her life that she took in 2 more rescues (Koda a Siberian Husky and Tala a German Shepherd) and continued her efforts in helping any dog in need. She has a huge soft spot for rescue dogs and has taken on many over the years. Most of which were deemed unadoptable or having behavioral issues. It wasn’t until the passing of Bandit when she got Charlie her German Shepherd. It was then she developed even more of a love and fascination with working breeds. Now residing in San Diego she’s been introduced to the Malinois community. She has enjoyed learning more about this breed and because of her love for working breeds has decided to join Sharod and the team on their journey to help save and rehome as many Malinois’ as possible!


Liv grew up with many pets but never a dog. After doing a ton of research on different breeds and deciding she wanted the challenge + energy of a malinois, she got her first dog shortly after moving to California when she was living in a one bedroom apartment. Nala came from a sketchy craigslist situation where no one wanted her because she was born without a tail but Liv thought that made Nala unique and the perfect dog for her. Nala and Liv formed an extremely close relationship and Liv fell in love with this smart and agile breed. Since then, Liv has jumped straight in to the working dog world learning about more about the breed, training, nutrition, and more. Through the SoCal Malinois community, she met the rest of the team and immediately offered to build the website and help in any way she could. Liv wasn’t looking for a second dog but when another tail-less dog came through the rescue, she knew it was meant to be and adopted a second dog (Tygo) from Bonnie’s litter / SoCalBMR. Liv now heads up the volunteer department and is dedicated to educating others about the breed and helping them find the right homes.