Adoption Application

All dogs will be spayed/neutered (as age appropriate), microchipped, and vaccinated prior to adoption. If these cannot be completed, arrangements will be made to do so. The adoption fee only covers partial costs for caring for the dog. We are strictly volunteer-driven and do not profit from the dogs.

Special consideration will be provided for those willing to adopt a senior dog or one with an ongoing medical condition.

SoCalBMR vows to be open and honest with potential adopters in regards to a dog’s history (if known), behavior while being fostered, and health. With that being said, as many of our dogs come from shelters, we may not be able to provide as much information as we’d ideally like. Working dogs need to be provided with not only physical exercise but also mental stimulation as well. Without such mental and physical outlets, it is possible that changes will occur in the dog’s behavior or even health. We cannot predict how a dog will react to a new environment and new leadership (or lack thereof). Should any issues arise, the adopter agrees to seek the appropriate support at their own expense. SoCalBMR may be able to provide recommendations, but it is ultimately the adopter’s responsibility.

If you have any questions, please email

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