Making a difference, one life at a time. Check back often for updates as we are always adding to our foster roster.

Logan, 1 Year Old, Chula Vista

Logan, was brought to us by another rescue, he was at a shelter that was going bankrupt and was soon to be euthanized! We were told his previous owner had him in a crate two times, too small for his size, and allegedly called him “aggressive”. When animal services went to pick him up thinking he was aggressive, he never once snarled, barked, or bit anyone. He shivered, scared to death, and was thrown in isolation with no play time. Once he was bailed out and brought to us we found over 80 ticks, both of his back legs were in bad shape, he was limping, and had kennel cough. Now, Logan is currently living the house dog life, kennel cough free, slightly limping, and tick free thanks to our wonderful team and his current fosters. This sweetheart wants nothing more than to snuggle with you, preferably in your lap. He can be shy at first with other dogs, but after a short while, he's like an old friend that's been there for years ready to play. Logan is potty trained and crate trained. The crate might not be his favorite thing but that's just because he would rather hang out with you. Logan does not have basic obedience but is definitely willing to learn and please. Logan is constantly smiling and there’s no doubt that once you’ve returned home from your daily life he will be waiting to greet you as soon as you open that door. Who’s ready to meet their new best friend?

Atlas, 3 years old, San Diego

Remember the dog that started his long freedom ride from all the way up North in Woodland, CA? Well he sure does and is so thankful! Capone, now Atlas, is a great dog and will make a great pet. He will need to be in a single dog home. He is crate trained and loves to play. He has very low toy drive but loves some treats! This big guy can't wait to go to his forever home .


We pulled this big guy from Santa Barbara , He’s 80lbs of puppy at 2 years. he loves people, toys and food. He fixates on other dogs but with the right socialization and consistency he will do great!!

Rudiger, 2 years old, fresNo

If his adorable face hasn’t given it away already, we can confirm that Rudiger is one big teddy bear! Full of energy and a zest for life, he loves to cuddle up next to you and make sure you really are aware just how far up the cuteness scale he lies. He’s great with other dogs big and small, is potty trained and is doing adequately well on his leashed walks. Rudiger has a high food drive and while he doesn’t love staying in his crate for long periods of time, he will go in there on his own accord. If you’re interested in Rudiger please submit your application today!


Raskal is energetic, playful, and extremely loving and loyal. He loves to play fetch with his ball, it’s literally his favorite thing to do besides playing tug with his foster brother or human. Raskal loves attention and all he wants is to be as close to his human as possible. He does great in his kennel and is potty trained. A gentleman on a leash and understands obedience. Raskal needs a structured environment with a handler who will correct him when he needs it, he is still a puppy, but when corrected he is a good listener.


Available soon!

Honey is a sweet gentle girl. She loves her cuddles and full of affection. She has high ball drive and decent food drive. Currently she’s whelping a litter of 5 but when she is done she will start her training and be available for adoption!

Puppy (blue)

Available soon!

PUppy (red)

Available soon!

Puppy (teal)

Available soon!

Puppy (Pink)

Available soon!

Puppy (purple)

Available soon!

Don’t see the right dog for your home? Check back often, because we are always picking up new Belgian Malinois.

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