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Logan, 1 Year Old, Chula Vista

Logan, was brought to us by another rescue, he was at a shelter that was going bankrupt and was soon to be euthanized! We were told his previous owner had him in a crate two times, too small for his size, and allegedly called him “aggressive”. When animal services went to pick him up thinking he was aggressive, he never once snarled, barked, or bit anyone. He shivered, scared to death, and was thrown in isolation with no play time. Once he was bailed out and brought to us we found over 80 ticks, both of his back legs were in bad shape, he was limping, and had kennel cough. Now, Logan is currently living the house dog life, kennel cough free, slightly limping, and tick free thanks to our wonderful team and his current fosters. This sweetheart wants nothing more than to snuggle with you, preferably in your lap. He can be shy at first with other dogs, but after a short while, he's like an old friend that's been there for years ready to play. Logan is potty trained and crate trained. The crate might not be his favorite thing but that's just because he would rather hang out with you. Logan does not have basic obedience but is definitely willing to learn and please. Logan is constantly smiling and there’s no doubt that once you’ve returned home from your daily life he will be waiting to greet you as soon as you open that door. Who’s ready to meet their new best friend?

Atlas, 3 years old, San Diego

Remember the dog that started his long freedom ride from all the way up North in Woodland, CA? Well he sure does and is so thankful! Capone, now Atlas, is a great dog and will make a great pet. He will need to be in a single dog home. He is crate trained and loves to play. He has very low toy drive but loves some treats! This big guy can't wait to go to his forever home .

Yanni, 5 Years old, Chula vista

Have you ever seen a Belgian Malinois with a nub tail? Cutest thing you’ll ever see! Yanni is a 5 year old female Malinois who has crazy drive, she constantly wants to be on the go. She is sleeps in her crate great, but sometimes has the occasional accident. She lacks structure, but with time, work, and consistency she will be one heck of a working Mal. She does have a background in bitework but is pretty rusty. She’s ready to go on new adventures and can’t wait to be put to work! She is in need of a home with experience and a family who is ready for the fun challenge!

ASHer, 8 months old, Chula Vista

This guy seems to have had a pretty tough start to life, being an owner surrender, this boy came to us with some anxiety that he will work on during his time within his foster’s care. Even though he’s had a rough start, this guy loves to cuddle, it’s quite possibly his favorite thing to do! He’s super sweet and so affectionate, he wants all of the love! At first we thought he disliked his crate, but after watching his ways, turns out this guy doesn’t mind his crate, he just doesn’t want to miss out on anything that’s going on! Especially cuddles! He did not have any training coming to us but after some time spent working with him, his basic obedience is coming along great, he’s super smart, and has amazing food drive! All in all i’d say this handsome boy is coming along nicely. Asher’s personality screams loyalty, he constantly gives eye contact, follows, and wants nothing more than to be close to you. He cannot wait to find his new forever home!

Rudiger - Available now!

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